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Petty Theft Defense Lawyer in San Diego

Facing shoplifting charges in Southern California?

According to California Penal Code §§ 484 and 488, petty theft is disassociated from grand theft by the amount of property stolen. Petty theft also carries less serious penalties than grand theft. If the total value of the stolen property is less than $950, the alleged perpetrator will be charged with petty theft - generally a misdemeanor. Grand theft involves stolen property in excess of $950 in value. In addition, some situations or stolen items will automatically bring grand theft charges regardless of the property's value - such as a stolen car or gun. Grand theft is called a "wobbler" charge because it can be prosecuted as either a misdemeanor or a felony.

The punishments for petty theft include fines not in excess of $1,000, no more than 3 years of informal probation, and / or no more than 6 months in county jail. Strong defense from an experienced san diego criminal lawyer can go a long way toward helping you protect your reputation and your freedom. Petty theft is one of the most common charges in California. We have experience in this area and can help fight for your rights and your innocence in court. If this is your first criminal allegation, we can encourage the prosecution to forego conviction and choose a diversionary program instead. In shoplifting cases, we may be able to help you reach a civil agreement with the store itself.

Secure the Strong Advocacy of a San Diego Criminal Attorney

If there are petty theft charges against you, act now to ensure that you are able to receive the advocacy you need while it counts. Call San Diego Defense Pros today to schedule a complimentary, confidential case evaluation with a member of our dedicated legal team. We have nearly half a century of combined experience. Contact us today!

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