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San Diego has a climate that is conducive for cultivating produce. No wonder a lot of agricultural produce from this side of California is well regarded for its taste and freshness.

County News Center has published a report on the top crops produced by the San Diego County. Ornamental Shrubs and trees topped the list.

“Total production values in the new report were led by the same major agricultural players that have dominated the Top 10 list for the last decade — ornamental trees and shrubs like crepe myrtles and bottle brushes; indoor plants like bromeliads and poinsettias; and garden flowers like marigolds and snapdragons.”

Check out the whole report here.

Thriving Industry

Media Outfit KBPS meanwhile wrote about the thriving agricultural industry of San Diego County. The great agricultural turn out is credited to the shrubs and ornamental trees that are all great to cultivate in and around San Diego. City Of San Diego

“More than 305,000 acres in San Diego County are devoted to agriculture, spread across more than 5,700 farms — the most of any county in the U.S., according to the report. While the numbers are impressive, the county hopes to give the agricultural industry a boost by relaxing regulations that go into the beer-making business so the craft beer boom can spread to the rural backcountry. criminal lawyer san diego ca

Read the rest of the article here.

Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture is also starting to become popular in the San Diego area. Edible San Diego has mentioned this is one of their write-ups about the local industry. They also mentioned that for those who may not have enough time or know-how in processing San Diego farm products, meal delivery services that utilize these fresh market produce are also available in San Diego. Master Gardeners Association of San Diego

“In San Diego, most options for CSA boxes include vegetables only, but you can look for memberships that include fruit, eggs, and even CSAs for meat and fish, with costs starting around $25 per week. Signing up with most farms can be done simply online, but the tricky part is picking one. Or, maybe two.” Domestic Violence Lawyer

Read the rest of Edible San Diego’s guide here.

The agricultural industry is indeed thriving in San Diego, What’s even better is that more and more households are turning to these fresh products for the health and wellness of their respective families Federal Lawyer.

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